Girl Receives Unsolicited Dick Pic From A Stranger And Writes Him An A+ Rejection Letter In Response

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I’m a degenerate, but if I could provide you one piece of good advice it would be not to be the guy who sends out dick pics at the rate that loser from your high schools ends out Candy Crush invitations. Don’t get me wrong, if she asks for one, set up a goddamn photo shoot for your pecker. Add a filter. Snap a few different angles. Play with the lighting. Maybe trim that tangled pube mess you’ve abandoned for months. Ya, do that first.

But unsolicited dick pics to strangers go over as well as Jason Pierre-Paul’s piano audition. I know as males we’re hard wired to equate our manhood to our manhood and that feedback is tough to come by, but sending out a picture of your flesh rocket before you know the girl’s last name is the equivalent to sending her a picture of your reptile collection and your skin suit. Not one girl likes it.

Including this girl named Sarah-Louise Jordan. She recently received a dick pic from a stranger and instead of unblocking him or posting it on the webs, she wrote a corporate letter shaming him for his actions. It’s quite entertaining.




At least ask how her day was first bruh.

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