Girl Spends Her Rent Money On Beyonce Concert Tickets, Is Somehow Surprised When Threatened With Eviction



22-year-old Chyna Johnson, a student at Texas Southern, was nearly evicted from her apartment after making the idiotic decision to spend her rent money on Beyonce concert tickets. Feeling the need to inform her immediate peers of what poor decision making skills she has, Chyna took to Twitter to announce to the world that she is a moron:

Unsurprisingly, people thought she was a fool:

During a call with radio station KRBE, Chyna said that she walked into her house and had an eviction letter waiting for her. “I’ve never been late on rent before so I’m hoping she would have some mercy on me” is the reason she gives for choosing Beyonce over having a roof to live under.

In the end, supposedly she was able to “work it out” with her landlord…and has been basking in stupid Internet fame ever since:

[H/T Metro]