Did Google Street View Catch This Guy Picking Up Hookers On The Side Of The Road? Answer: Maybe…Just Kidding Yes

by 4 years ago

Reddit / Google Street View

To be fair this is 100% up to interpretation. Just because two ladies who are barely wearing any clothing and look like complete dumpster fires wrapped in spandex chose to stand on the side of what looks like a fairly busy road one day doesn’t mean they’re hookers. Maybe they’re performance artists, or they just found the road on a whim after being lost in the woods for 4 days straight after having chosen the WORST hiking outfits in the history of hiking. Those are both definitely possibilities, yeah?

What I’m saying is, believe what you want. Personally, I want to believe that they’re hookers and that the guy in the silver car pulled over to pick them up. That’s a much more fun scenario than two idiots getting lost in the woods.


Reddit user VegasLowRoller

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