Can You Guess What Super Fun Drug Caused This Guy To Half-Chop His Dick Off And Throw Himself Out A Window?



Happy 4/20, the one day out of the year we celebrate a drug whose main adverse side effects are delivery pizza and if you’re really, really unlucky, mild paranoia. And by “mild” I mean “At worst you’ll wind up sitting on a couch wondering if your parents know you’re high.” That’s not so bad, right? At least you’re not this guy who decided it was high time he maimed himself after taking LSD.

According to Mirror, after taking the illegal drug the unnamed 30-year-old reportedly got into a fight with his girlfriend, leading him to hit her and then partially sever his penis. You’d think that would be enough chores cleared off his “To-Do” list for one day, but the guy felt the need to take it to a whole other level:

He then partially severed his penis with a knife before leaping from a window of their second floor flat in Lille, France.

Emergency services described him as an “extremely disturbed individual.”

He was in an “agitated state” when they arrived on scene at 5 a.m.

His partner, 23, was seen for minor injuries at a different hospital, St. Vincent’s.(via)

Guy was found covered in blood on the ground, 15 feet below his apartment. After being treated for his injuries he is reportedly in a stable condition.

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