Guns N Roses Concert In Philly Was So Lit That Girls Were Literally Pooping Themselves In The First Hour Of The Show

The City Of Brotherly Love is a wild, wonderful place. It’s home to Rocky, Bradley Cooper, and Comcast, the most loveable cable company in America. A food and cultural hub, Philly’s snowball-throwing-at-Santa citizens are largely misunderstood by rest of the country. They pronounce “water” as “wooter”, eat hoagies over subs or heroes, eat Tastykakes as a matter of civic pride, and will always have a soft spot for the large police holding cell under the grass at Lincoln Financial Field. They are my bretheran.

They also know how to get lit. Very, very lit. In fact, according to Victor Fiorillo at Philly Mag, some people used Guns N’ Roses show at Lincoln Financial Field as an excuse to get lit to the point of pooping themselves in public.

Drunk + Heat + Crowds = Not Good

Seriously, was there anyone at the Guns N’ Roses show that wasn’t completely inebriated? People were pretty clearly trying to relive their 20s, and it didn’t appear to be going well based on the number of middle agers I saw getting sick or on the verge of it.

One woman fell down drunk and pooped her pants, and that was within the first hour of the show. Excessive drinking, excessive heat, and excessive crowds are not a good combination.

That’s pretty lit. Gotta love a show where the median age is 45 and a mother of two from DelCo (probably) is pooping herself. I pity whoever had to clean up that mess (…Probably one of her kids? Hopefully not…).

It’s a debauched scene that would make The Gang from It’s Always Sunny proud.

You will always be the best, Philly

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