‘Cocaine Cowboy’ Caught After 26 Years On The Run, Previously Smuggled 75 Tons Of Blow

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Gustavo Falcon Mugshot Cocaine Cowboys

Orane County Sheriff's Office

This is one of those stories that makes you question how well you really know your neighbors. One of Miami’s most notorious drug smugglers and the last of the infamous ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ has been caught after being on the run for 26 years. Gustavo Valcon was picked up after returning home from a bicycle ride with his wife, which explains the goofy ass shirt in his mugshot. He was the last of the ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ on the run, the men at the center of Billy Corben‘s 2006 documentary.

This man was once responsible for smuggling 75 TONS of cocaine into America. 1 ton = 907 kilos. That’s an unimaginable amount of cocaine. Throughout his smuggling days, Falcon and his partner acquired an estimated $2.1 BILLION in cash and assets. Yet this dude was somehow able to live quietly with his wife and kids in South Florida, hiding in plain sight while using fake ID’s.

Gustavo Falcon had evaded authorities for over a quarter of a century before being apprehended yesterday outside of Kissimmee, Florida. Over the years, rumors had placed him in Cuba, but a joint U.S. Marshals operation between the Orlando and Miami offices:

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