This Gutted Plane Was Transformed Into An Incredible LED Light Show Simulating Traveling Through Space

Bros. I’ve told you once and I’m going to tell you again: Space is DOOOOOPPPPEEE.

The project, named Porta Estel·lar (Catalan for ‘Stargate’), is an installation by plane owner Eduardo Cajal and Playmodes set in Barcelona’s Ciutadella park.

Per the YouTube description:

Through the creation of visual and sound sequences that suggest the idea of interstellar travel, audience flies to outer space in an intense trip, from departure and takeoff to the sighting of comets, planets, galaxies and alien worlds, until finally returning safe to earth.

According to Makezine, the plane itself is a novelty item. The airliner was salvaged after it crashed in Granada airport in 1992, and then purchased and restored by sculptor Eduardo Cajal.

Santi Vilanova of Playmodes, the company that provided the concept and direction of the installment, explained the intricacies of the project:

We developed a 3D simulator of the plane in Unity3D, so that we could create the video contents and have an idea of what the final result was going to be. The 2D video contents were mapped pixel-by-pixel to the virtual 3D model, unfolding the image on the plane’s volumetry and giving a realistic approximation of the final installation.

We also had to engineer the hardware system, figuring out the optimal placement and amount of power sources, and preparing the LED strips with enough wiring to receive the control signals. On the control signal side we used the art-net protocol and a pixel-mapping software. The audio installation featured eight speakers with independent signals, creating all sorts of audio-perspective effects.

The creators indicated that sci-fi movies like 2001Contact, and Star Wars strongly inspired the project.

Did I mention space is DOOPPPPEEEE?

P.S. Whose got the drugs?

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