Guy Secretly Records His Completely Crazy Girlfriend Being Physically Abusive

Sorry ladies, but it’s not only men who can be abusive in a relationship. Women can be just as callous as men and even resort to violence during an argument with their partner. Brandon just Liked one of his female friend’s Facebook photo of her in a dress and his batshit crazy girlfriend Jasmine went completely ballistic over it, to the point of physical abuse. She gets insanely furious and pins Brandon to the ground. Jasmine goes so far as to bring Brandon’s dad’s cheating ways into the conversation. ProTip: Never Like a hot girl’s photo from 4 weeks ago because it proves you were on the girl’s Facebook. To Jasmine’s defense she sounds like a great girlfriend who sends nudes to “everyone,” allegedly cheated on Brandon “eight times,” and “fucked someone four days after they broke up.” You know that Jasmine is a great fuck because she’s a complete lunatic and crazy pussy is the best pussy. And that crazy pussy is probably what keeps poor Brandon with Jasmine and her abuse. I don’t know about you, but for me this video brings back frightening flashbacks. I’m pretty sure that I have PTSD from deranged ex-girlfriends.