Man Suffers Third-Degree Burns When His iPhone Blows Up And Sticks To His Leg: Graphic Pics

Gareth Clear was taking a mountain bike ride near Sydney, Australia when he took a little tumble. The fall didn’t really do much damage, resulting a few scrapes, but the real damage was done by his iPhone 6 when it blew up in his pocket.

After getting up and dusting himself off he noticed smoke emanating from his behind and felt a burning sensation on the right side of his ass.

He reported to The Daily Mail

‘I suddenly saw this incredible plume of smoke,’ he said.

‘And there was a searing pain that went along with it – as though someone had pushed a huge block of ice against my leg.

‘It was pretty freaking painful.’

When Mr Clear turned around, he saw his thick biking shorts and the Skins he was wearing underneath were melting.

‘The phone was stuck to my leg having melted through both my shorts and my Skins,’ he said,

‘It had to have been more than 100 degrees.’

As he tried desperately to remove the melting pants and the exploded phone, he burned his fingers, and instead used his fist to punch the phone off his burning skin.

The phone dislodged with a huge metallic bang before falling on the ground where smoke continued to pour out.

The burns were so severe that he had to receive a skin graft and has to spend six days attached to a machine that will help heal the wound.

When he contacted Apple about the mishap, he tells The Huffington Post that their response was “underwhelming.”

“No one’s asked me how are you? How’s your body? How’s the hole in your leg that’s just exploded, how’s that?” he told 9News. “It was a very technical-driven response, which surprised me. But look, I bear no grudges against Apple.”

He just hopes that Apple will issue some kind of statement so that perhaps this won’t happen to someone else and turn out even worse.

Check out the nasty pics below…

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