Real Life Hannibal Lecter, Allegedly Cooked His Girlfriend In His Apartment, Then Killed Himself


Unfortunately for headline’s sake, there were no fava beans involved in the murder of Mayang Prasetyo, allegedly by her boyfriend, Chef Marcus Volke, 28.

Oh yeah, and by “murder” I mean “he chopped her up and threw her into a pot on his stove.” Casual.

Police were called to the couple’s apartment late on Saturday night after several of their neighbors had called in concerns about hearing loud arguments as well as a repugnant smell that hard started drifting around the apartment building on Thursday. But not only had the neighbor’s complaints drawn attention to Volke, but a maintenance man who had visited the apartment only a few days prior stated that the carpet “squelched” under his feet as he went through the apartment.

Once the police gained access to the inside of the apartment…well…

It is believed human remains were found in a large pot on the stove and in garbage bags.

Officers were seen carrying shovels into the apartment on Monday. Large barrels were wheeled into the unit on Sunday.

Marcus Peter Volke, 28, cut his own throat while fleeing police who had been called to his high-end Teneriffe apartment building to investigate a putrid smell.

Officers discovered a body part — believed to belong to his Indonesian girlfriend — in a pot on the stove as well as other parts of her mutilated body in the ground-floor apartment.

Mrs Volke said the police told her on Sunday they still had to formally identify the body with dental records and an autopsy.

Today, drums used for medical waste have been rolled out of the apartment.

Forensic officers remained at the scene and a medical waste truck removed large plastic bins of material with the help of uniformed officers.

Via Courier Mail

According to neighbors, Volke and Prasetyo seemed “quite friendly” and like they didn’t have any issues…aside from the whole “cannibalism” thing.

[Via Courier Mail, H/T Elite Daily]

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