Here’s How Much Money You’d Have If You Invested $1000 In Chipotle In 2006

Chipotle went public in 2006. At the time, I think I maybe went to it like… once? I don’t even recall there being one within 100 miles of State College, Pennsylvania, where I was in college at the time. In the last nine years, however, the chain has EXPLODED and completely revolutionized the “smart” fast food business model. The company now has 1,783 stores and millennials everywhere are freakin’ obsessed with it.

Today Chipotle announced that they beat analysts’ earnings forecasts for the year and that profits were up 35% over the previous year. Their stock closed at $726.63, though the stock is sliding in after-hours trading thanks to a slower-than-expected growth forecast for same-store sales in 2015.

OK, enough with the business jabberwocky. Hey, $726 per share! I’m sure that’s more than some of you reading this have in your bank account. Because pretending you’re hypothetically rich off the stock market can be a fun exercise in SHOULD HAVE, COULD HAVE, WOULD HAVE, let’s play a game. Let’s imagine you picked Chipotle to be your prize pony in 2006. You bought $1000 worth of shares at its IPO price of $22. That $1000 gets you 45 shares in CMG. Today it closed at $726.

45 x 726 = $32,670

Damn. That’s some nice gains in the portfolio, Bros. As Buzzfeed notes, CMG’s stock price doubled to close at $44 on the day it IPO’d in 2006… That’s how hungry the market was for this stock.

According to Buzzfeed’s math, you’d be a legit millionaire if you invested $60,000 into Chipotle on that day.

But UGH. College debt, AMIRITE?

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