This Inspiring Infographic Will Tell You All About History’s Most Influential People Who Were Also Alcoholics

If there’s anything I hate, it’s those people who believe there’s some sort of correlation between bullshit and success.

Those work hard dopes who believe in the hustle and grind, and tweet their fucking faces off about it. Eat clean, get lean, or whatever. If you aren’t getting ahead you’re falling behind.

No, I much prefer the people who wake up every day grimacing in pain from a hangover and who are still able to contribute to society. Those are the real winners, the real people who should inspire you to greatness.

Be drunk, and achieve shit. Why would you have it any other way? And for motivation, here is a wonderful infographic from Journey Pure, about people who contributed to society while also boozing their life away.

Now go forth Bros, confident in your drinking and your abilities.

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[Via Journey Pure]