These Highest-Calorie Fast Food Menu Items Mean You Probably Shouldn’t Look at the Calories

Uh, yeah, anyway, Market Watch found 10 of the highest calorie fast foods in the country, taking care to note how many calories you're getting for your dollar at each establishment. (Taco Bell, not surprisingly, ranks high.) I was mostly surprised at the prevalence of breakfast food found on the list. It's not really the Big Mac that does you in—in fact, save a high concentration in sodium, the Big Mac isn't that bad—it's the pancakes and the other bready items loaded in carbs. This might be the answer to why I always feel like shit after putting down a weekend run to Micky D's.

Or the hangover. Could be the hangover.

Info via Daily Mail:

1. White Castle – 20 chicken rings, 1,760 calories
2. Burger King – Ultimate breakfast platter, 1,450 calories
3. McDonald’s – Big breakfast with syrup and margarine, 1,350 calories
4. KFC – 10-piece bag of original recipe chicken bites, 1,300 calories
5. Wendy’s – Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy 3/4 lb. triple patty with cheese, 1,120 calories
6. Panera Bread – Steak and white cheddar on a French baguette, 980 calories
7. Taco Bell – Volcanic nachos, 970 calories
8. Dunkin’ Donuts – Frozen mocha coffee coolatta with cream, 730 calories
9. Subway – Mega melt on flatbread with egg, 660 calories
10. Pizza Hut – 14-inch large meat lover’s pan pizza, 470 calories

So there you have it. Eat at Pizza Hut.
[H/T: Daily Mail; Gourmet cheeseburger image via Shutterstock]

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