Here Is What Happened To Homeless Joe, The 26-Year-Old In NYC Who Was Sleeping With A New Girl Every Night

Back in September, our friends at Elite Daily produced a rabidly viral documentary about a 26-year-old homeless guy living on the streets of Manhattan. This man’s mission was clear: Get fucked up on cheap, shitty vodka every morning and go home with girls every single night since he didn’t have a bed to sleep on. Despite being a homeless dude who was shooting heroin and brushing his teeth in public bathrooms, his ability to pick-up girls was shockingly successful.

His goal in life at the time? “Drink as much vodka as possible, shoot as much heroin as possible, and getting as many blowjobs as possible.”

After the video went viral, he became known as Homeless Joe. His life was clearly an out-of-control train wreck of substance abuse and petty crime. Joe eventually went on an episode of Dr. Phil, who gave him some real-talk: Get your shit together or you’re going to die a sleazy, drunk, drugged-out fool who has accomplished nothing in life. Dr. Phil tried to send him to rehab, but Joe wasn’t having it at the time.

Elite Daily, who told Joe’s story to the world, recently caught up with Homeless Joe for a follow-up video. He’s living at a sober rehab house in Texas and piecing his life back together: He has a steady job at a car wash, has a girlfriend, is talking to his family again, and his dedicated to staying sober because his life literally depends on it — he’s lucky enough to survive 18 overdoses to date.

His house manager, Cody Light, doesn’t take any of his bullshit.

Stay tuned until the end…

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