Watch These Humpback Whales Chillin’ Underneath The Northern Lights In Norway And Forget About Your Day


YouTube / BBC News

For the next 48 seconds I want you to hit the play button on this video and watch the absolutely mesmerizing footage shot in Norway this week. The video shows a pod of humpback whales basking beneath the green glow of the Northern Lights. These whales are able to just chill, and appreciate nature at its most beautiful instead of worrying about all the other bullshit they have to deal with on a daily basis (sharks, whaling, clogged blowholes). Seeing the Northern Lights has always been an item at the top of my bucket list and this video has only reinvigorated my conviction to travel to Norway and see the Aurora Borealis (aka Polar Aurorae).

Work or school got you down? Forgettaboutit!
Having trouble managing your latest relationship? Forgettaboutit!
Rushing a frat this semester and the stress of being a pledge has got you down? Forgettaboutit!
Feel like you’re drowning in loans, rent, and credit card payments? Forgettaboutit!

Just think about the humpback whales in Norway basking underneath the green glow of the Northern Lights. The humpback whales that live in the moment, the whales who live life unencumbered by all fo the bullshit that’s stressing you out at the moment. These whales are the only thing you need to think about today whenever you get stressed out, my bros:

And if that wasn’t enough, check out this video that’s been blowing up on Twitter of last night’s Northern Lights display:


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