Instagram CrossFit Celebrity Pisses Off Internet For Posting Workout Picture At A Holocaust Memorial

by 4 years ago
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List of good place to do Crossfit:

1. At a gym.
2. In a park.
3. In the privacy of your own home.

List of bad places to do Crossfit:

1. In the middle of a highway.
2. At a wedding/funeral/retirement party/bat mitzvah.
3. Actually, just any situation where you’re trying to bring attention to yourself.
4. At a Holocaust memorial (see #3).

Crossfit “star” Dave Driskell is one of those Instagram personalities who seems to have bottomless pockets to travel around the world and pursue his passion for Crossfit in all sorts of exotic locations. He takes “fitspirational” pics like this that get the cult of Crossfit all fired up:

And wears tanks that say things like “I lift to get radical” on them:

Woo! But now he’s kicked the Internet’s proverbial beehive during a trip to Berlin, Germany, where he posed for a handstand ‘gram at Berlin’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe:



The post was deleted, but Buzzfeed caught some of the outrage in his ‘gram comments:



Big oopsie. Big, big oopsie. Probably should just stick to weird reps, eh?