ISIS Living In Fear After 3 Daesh Commanders Have Been Assassinated By Mystery Sniper In 10 Days

A mystery sniper is quickly becoming a folk hero for their lethal efforts against ISIS jihadists in Libya. In just 10 days, this unidentified sharpshooter has assassinated three high-ranking Islamic State commanders in the war-torn north African country.

ISIL terrorists are sweeping the city of Sirte in an attempt to capture the death-dealing marksman. One eyewitness told the al-Wasat website, “A state of terror prevailed among the Islamic State ranks after his death. They randomly shot in the air to scare inhabitants, while searching for the sniper.” The Telegraph reports that the murders “have sowed panic among Isil’s forces in the city, who have carried a string of arrests and executions in a bid to track down the culprit.”

It is believed to be a lone shooter with incredible accuracy, and has garnered such fanfare that they already have a nickname – “Daesh Hunter.”

The urban legend says that the sniper honed his skills in Libya’s uprising against Colonel Gaddafi.

The IB Times report on a theory that “the sniper is a lone gunman from the nearby city of Misrata, but U.S. operatives are thought to be active in the area and a number of U.S. airstrikes have killed IS militants in the area.” So this could very well be an American special forces soldier.

The first of this solo sniper’s victims was Hamad Abdel Hady, a Sudanese national working for the newly-established Sharia court. He was assassinated outside a hospital earlier this month. The sniper then took out Abu Mohammed Dernawi on January 19 near his home in Sirte. The latest attack came on January 23 when the assassin struck down Abdullah Hamad Al-Ansari, an IS commander from southern Libyan city of Obari, as he left a mosque in the city.

Journalist Daniele Raineri for Il Foglio has been covering the story on Twitter.

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