‘Jews Vs. Nazis’ Beer Pong Is a Thing, Apparently, Among Florida High Schoolers

On April 27, the Twitter account @HSConfessional tweeted a confession from the kids of Florida’s Cape Coral High School. It was a picture of their new spin on beer pong, “Jews vs. Nazis,” and it soon garnered a few thousand RTs and Favorites and all the shocked reactions you’d expect from underage drinking and swastikas.

The game is pretty dumb—the least of which being that the “Jews” shoot at a brutal rack and probably can’t win—but in the grand scheme of things, it can probably be chalked up to 16-year-olds doing dumb stuff (as they have done for eons), only with an extraordinarily large social media platform.

That is, even if the Cape Coral kids are playing it.

As the Daily Dot pointed out, photos of the drinking game have circulated the Internet for months now, and the photo from “Cape Coral High School” is actually stolen from a Reddit post 60 days ago. They didn’t invent this or anything.

Nevertheless, the game constitutes a moral outrage for this local news station, which did a three-minute segment on it—even though everyone would probably be wise to heed the words of the rabbi interviewed, who declined to call it “ill-intentioned;” just “immature.”

Plus, you know, there are more competitive pong games to play. I think the rabbi left that part out.