Bro Tries To Get A Job At Snapchat By Making A Resume Via Snapchat Stories

Gotta admire this Bro’s commitment to the hustle here. Elski Felson, an Ithaca College grad, wants to work at Snapchat. What’s the best way to get the attention of someone who can make a hiring decision at $19-billion dollar pic messaging app? Definitely not an old fashion paper resume. So Felson made a video resume using Snapchat Stories:

I say ditch the paper résumé! It’s time for a new model. Thanks to Snapchat for being such a cool app and thanks to everyone who helped me make this! Even if I never hear from Snapchat, I had a blast making this video and made a lot of cool friends along the way.

Paper resumes are stupid, unless you want to be a bank teller. Evan Spiegel, your move.

[H/T: Reddit]