Teen Arrested For Terror Plot That Included Training Kamikaze Kangaroos

Kangaroo Bombs


With some of the recent stories in the news involving animals attacking people it shouldn’t come as a shock that some terrorists are considering enlisting the help of non-humans for their war on civilians.

This plan, however, a little bit too Dr. Doolittle.

An Australian teenager has pleaded guilty to plotting to run over and behead a police officer during Anzac Day commemorations. Sevdet Besim, 19, pleaded guilty in the Melbourne court to one charge of planning a terrorist act.

Court documents said he and a British accomplice also discussed using a kangaroo packed with explosives to attack police officers. They allegedly said they would paint the animal with symbol of the so-called Islamic State and set it loose.

OK let’s work through this idea — these guys were going to capture or buy a kangaroo (can you just buy a kangaroo in Australia? Are they like dogs? Does the pet store carry kangaroos?) make it sit still long enough to strap explosives on it, train it to run into a crowd and set the bomb off? Or did they just assume a kangaroo would run into a crowd? I’m assuming a kangaroo — like 89% of animals — would run AWAY from humans.

The plot was uncovered when police in Britain found messages on the phone of a teenager in Blackburn.

He could figure out how to train kamikaze kangaroo and build explosives but not how to delete phone messages.

Besim faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. Plenty of time to figure out animal training.

[via BBC]