Kenyan Man Debuts Homemade Plane On Live TV, Fails Epically To Achieve What The Wright Brothers Did In 1903

This is the perfect example of Murphy’s Law in action.

Everything that could go wrong went very wrong when a Kenyan man tried (for the THIRTEENTH TIME) to fly a homemade airplane that he’d built with his own two hands.

Thank God he did it in front of a live television crew, too, because the end result is oh so laughable. Just one enormous fail taking off at the :30 second mark.

HAHAHAHAHA! Literally, I rode my BMX bike off of bigger wooden ramps as a kid! This is just brutal to watch. So much effort, so little success.

You’d think after failing a twelfth time you’d give up trying something, right? Like, failure is totally imminent at that point if you haven’t been successful already?

No way, no how. Gabriel Nderitu doesn’t believe in that.

Gabriel Nderitu, from Othaya, in central Kenya, assembled the aircraft himself and was making a thirteenth attempt to get it off the ground.

The 47-year-old’s invention set off and roared up a specially-made wooden ramp – only to nosedive seconds later just meters after take-off.

Fortunately nobody was injured because Mr Nderitu, who has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from the University of Nairobi, was controlling the craft remotely.

This guy has a degree in physics, and he’s crashed 12 planes!? Something is definitely wrong here. And of course the craft was unmanned! Who in their right mind would volunteer to be the test pilot!?

Yeah, let me just volunteer to fly for your test run, Prof. Nderitu! Thirteenth time is a charm!


Like, Gabriel wouldn’t even put his life on the line to fly this thing – his dream? Where’s the commitment at, bro!?

He is now beginning the task of piecing the broken parts of the wreckage together – a process that will take some time after the plane sustained heavy damage.

The Nation said he was set to ask the Ministry of Roads and Infrastructure to let him use one of the country’s airstrips to improve the chances of take-off.

No…no, definitely don’t do that, man. Maybe try earning a Masters in Physics first. Do you really want to crash plane #13?

Describing his motivation for the project, he told the Nation: ‘Interest drove me, and I am trying to encourage local innovation and research.

‘I used the Internet to do my research and for over five years now and the progress is good. Much of what I have done is private research and experimentation.’

The Wright brothers are loving this shit from beyond the grave right now, no doubt about it.

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