Kid Interrupts Mississippi Weather Report With ‘Farts And Toots’, Probably Needs Some Ritalin

A weather report in Mississippi went off the rails when a small child who appears to be all jacked up on Mountain Dew burst onto camera talking erratically about farts and toots. What was that kid doing on set? How’d he get on camera? Why didn’t anyone stop him sooner? What’s with the obsessions over farts and toots? I have so many questions.

My hunch is that this kid is the child of someone important on set. Otherwise, they’d probably have pulled him out of there quicker, and the weatherman wouldn’t have been so chill about it. Perhaps the son of the Executive Producer or some shit like that.

As someone who was placed on Ritalin around the age of that kid, I won’t say that the child needs to be medicated, but I will say that there’s certainly an excess of creative energy going on there and that kid could use something.

(h/t DIGG)

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