Kim Jong Un, BFF of Dennis Rodman, Executed His Uncle By Feeding Him Alive to Starving Dogs

According to the aforementioned Chinese newspaper, the execution may signal a growing break between the Chinese government and the North Koreans.

The newspaper has acted as a mouthpiece for China's Communist Party. The report may be a sign of the struggle between those in the party who want to remain engaged with North Korea and those who would like to distance themselves from Kim's regime.

Jang was seen by many experts as a regent behind North Korea's Kim dynasty and a key connection between the hermit nation and its ally China.


And while the Chinese are beginning to distance themselves from this little piece of shit, one American man is only growing closer. Dennis Rodman—whose friendship with Kim has moved from “intriguing” to “totally despicable”—visited North Korea two weeks ago, less than a week after Jang's execution. He didn't meet with Kim but did announce he'd be coming back to play in an exhibition game on Kim's birthday, January 8th, alongside a dozen NBA veterans.

Rodman is a drunken idiot and a lost cause. But what other NBA players are actually dumb enough to travel there? Especially now?