People Are Having Condoms Explode On Their Heads For Latest Viral ‘Cause’ Called #CondomChallenge

In a recent trend sweeping college campuses across the nation, students are selflessly donating their time and resources to help the poor and impoverished in their local communiti—Oh, wait. Sorry. This just in…

**In a recent trend sweeping college campuses across the nation, students are allowing condoms filled with water to be dropped on their heads in the latest viral self-promotion trend called the #CondomChallenge.

But of course they don’t want to admit that they are doing it for their own perverted pleasure, so they scrambled to find a cause.

According to Medical Daily:

Twitter users have started using #CondomChallenge to help raise safe sex awareness, because, they reason, if it can fit around the head on a guy’s shoulder then it can most certainly fit around the one below their waist.

I have my own thoughts on this absurdity that you never asked to read but I will share with you after I post a few videos showing you what the hashtag condom challenge is all about.




Ok. That looks really fun.

But the “cause” behind the challenge has holes. The challenge is meant to shoot down excuses that condoms ‘don’t fit.’ Which is valid, to an extent.

But any man can tell you that fitting into a pecker poncho is not the issue. The issue is thrusting into a woman’s silk igloo without it feeling something like this:

Thrusting in a jimmy cap sometimes causes the tip of our beef thermometers to bunch up like a goddamn accordion, losing all sensation in the process. When it’s all said and done, our pork sword ends up looking like this:

I think the moral of the story here is just because you can “fit” in something, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s sustainable.

[h/t Elite Daily]

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