Stuff Being Dropped Off A 150 Foot Tower In Slow-Motion, And On To An Axe, Is Utterly Mesmerizing

by 2 years ago

YouTube - How Ridiculous

For those old enough to remember or who have seen it, David Letterman used to have this bit where he’d go up to the top of his building and drop random stuff just to see it explode on the ground. It literally was my favorite thing that he did. I don’t even know why, really. I guess I just get a kick out of watching stuff fall from great heights and exploding.

Obviously, the guys over at How Ridiculous share my affection for watching shit get dropped by high elevations on to hard surfaces because they’re back with another very cool video.

Previously they dropped a bowling ball on to an axe from 150 feet in the air to see what would happen. Yes, it was as cool as it sounds.

Now, however, they’ve upped the ante a little bit. This go-round they’re dropping three things from the tower: a light bulb, an egg, and another bowling ball. But wait, there’s a twist. To make it more interesting they coated each item with a crazy strong substance to see if it was strong enough to keep the two fragile items in tact and see if it had any effect on the bowling ball when it hit the axe.

Of course, for maximum coolness, they shot each of these drops in slow-motion, because slow-motion kicks ass.

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