List Of Banned Pub Customers Ends Up Online And These Sound Like People We’d WANT To Drink With

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The list above comes from the legendary Herne Hill pub in London and it’s a running tally of all the people banned from the establishment. Let’s go over just some of the amazing names on this list…

Ginger Drunk Twat Called Angus
One Armed Keith
Adam the deaf guy
Tall Chavvy Fighting Idiot Of Old
That Blonde Bitch
Danny Miller/Partridge (warning — he’s back and fat)
Staring pervert always comes in with a crash helmet and drinks ale

The good news for these people — but bad news for regular customers — is the pub was closed in 2013 due to a flood so they’re no longer banned because the place is shut down. The very good news is all these people are probably hanging around, or banned from, other pubs.

The woman who posted the list also clarified some things, the most important being “how did Keith lose his arm?”

Rumer also went on to explain that One Armed Kieth lost his arm doing exactly what you’d expect: running onto a railway track while “evading justice.” (Classic One Armed Kieth.) Although she later clarified that she doesn’t know if that’s “100 percent true,” we say: who cares? Half-truths and tall tales are part of the fun when you’re dealing with characters like Mickey Two Suits and Fat Paul.

I’ve got a pretty good feeling he’s No Arms Keith by now.

[via GQ]

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