Florida Man High On God Knows What Caught On Camera Twerking On Top Of A Cop Car To Hall & Oates, Is Promptly Arrested

Either this Florida man is an idiot or this Florida man is an idiot with a brain that is also on drugs. Only two options. No other possibilities. Won’t even entertain any other ideas as to why he danced and twerked to Hall & Oates on the top of a parked AND MARKED police car.

Per the YouTube Video:

Earlier this year, a man was arrested after he was caught on surveillance video striking the back of a Lee County Sheriff’s Office marked patrol vehicle, dancing on the roof, breaking the windshield wipers, and taking an American Flag from the neighbor’s yard. The suspect was arrested for Disturbing the Peace and Criminal Mischief after the neighbors called the police.

At least he has exceptional taste in music. And I hope they let him off with a slap on the wrist based solely on that. Once Hall & Oates snakes its way into a man’s heart it’s Game. Set. Match.

Dude became an unstoppable force. Couldn’t control his actions. H&O will do that to even the best of us.