Mark Cuban Would Consider Being Donald Trump’s Vice President…WAIT, WHAT!?

by 4 years ago


No, Mark Cuban! Don’t do it!

Didn’t you just call out Donald Trump like a week ago for not being nearly as wealthy as he claims!? Hell, Bloomberg did yesterday as well. You really want to associate yourself with a poor person like Donald Trump? You have the Dallas Mavericks and Cyberdust to run! You don’t have the time to give counsel to an insufferable prick for the next 4 years!

But, apparently Cuban informed Business Insider that he would at least consider the vice presidential offer from Trump if it ever matriculates to that point.

So on Thursday, Business Insider reached out to Cuban — via his Cyber Dust app — to ask if he would consider running for vice president if asked by Trump, a fellow billionaire.

“Would I consider?” Cuban responded. “Yes.”

However, the “Shark Tank” star and outspoken investor said he would probably not end up accepting the hypothetical offer.

“Would I do it. Probably not,” he continued. “I’m not cut out for politics. At least [the] way they are now. Maybe in the future if Trump truly impacts how the game is played.”

Phewwwww. Because this was my reaction when I first heard the news.



Thank you for coming to your senses, Mark Cuban. Because up until that last line, I was honestly worried you’d want to become Donald Trump’s VP, and if that’s the case, he’d probably win the White House.

Hell, the dude makes it sound like he already has Tom Brady’s vote.

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