Customer Films McDonald’s Employee Socking His Manager In The Face, Nearly Sending Him Into The Frialator


The fantasy of cold-cocking our boss is one that many of us have played on repeat in our heads. Like sometimes when JCamm tells me I can’t post a pic of my dick on the site, I legitimately have to restrain myself from putting him in a choke hold. With my dick.

But having the ability to restrain oneself when nearly overcome with the urge to drop your superior is a crucial life skill that this McDonald’s employee will need to learn if he ever wants another job. Because for much of our young lives, we’re going to be told to do shit we don’t want to do when we’d much rather be doing hoodrat shit with our friends. Mop the floor? Nah, I’d rather just smoke a blunt in the bathroom and watch porn on my iPhone. I understand the origin of this dude’s anger, but sometimes you just gotta tuck your dick between your legs and fall in line if you still want that FAT Mickey D’s paycheck.

P.S. This took place in New Rochelle, Westchester County, New York. If any of you bros are in the area, you could probably score some free food. I think the manager is still sleeping on the floor.

[h/t Unilad]