This Is What a McDonald’s Happy Meal Looks Like After Just Sitting Around for Two Years

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This picture comes from a chiropractor’s office in Omaha, Nebraska. Apparently the office is displaying a two-year-old McDonald’s Happy Meal to show just how disgusting it can actually be. I mean, look at this thing! It still looks as pristine as when it came out of the Mickey-Ds deep frier. Yet it’s been sitting there for two years without growing a smidgen of mold. Business Insider notes it isn’t stored in a non-airtight dome and isn’t refrigerated.

Back in April 2013, a Utah man went viral when he showed the world a 14-year-old hamburger that didn’t rot. Even though he bought it in 1999, it looked the exact same. McDonald’s even admitted that its burgers don’t rot in the same way most old food does.

Mmmmmm….. Chemicals.



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