Need LSD Or Mushrooms? Apparently A McDonald’s In San Francisco Lets Customers Chill There And Move WEIGHT

by 4 years ago

It’s profoundly not hard to find drugs in San Francisco. That’s sort of embedded in the culture out there. You could walk down the street and ask anyone for some psychedelics and they’d have some. Not like shitty, shitty New York. It’s fucking impossible to find psychedelics up here. (Side note: email me if you can at Hook a blogger up.)

But if you were struggling to get your trippy fix and you live in SF, you could apparently always go to the McDonald’s in Haight-Ashbury, whose slogan is, “Have you had your psychedelic break today.”

There, dealers set up SHOP. At least, that is what the city of San Francisco is claiming, threatening to sue the location for tying up police resources. From SF Mag:

“[In] the past seven months alone SFPD officers have arrested individuals on at least 11 separate occasions selling or possessing illegal narcotics” at or near the restaurant. Those arrests have netted “more than 100 doses of LSD, over two pounds of marijuana, 88.5 grams of psilocybin (psychedelic mushrooms), more than half of a pound of marijuana edibles, and [an unspecified amount of] hashish.” There have also been reports of 32 fist fights, two dog attacks, and eight auto burglaries in the last four months.

That is a bumping McDonald’s. But possibly not for long, so get your drugs today. Plus a hash brown. I once ate a hash brown while coming done from an evening long trip and it was lovely.