This Mom’s Domino’s Pizza Ordering Fail Went Viral Because It Was So Astoundingly Ridiculous

by 9 months ago

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Moms and technology, am I right? The two don’t always work very well together. One perfect example of this is this mom who tried to order some pizza from Domino’s using their app. She didn’t quite get the pizza she was looking to purchase and naturally, since it was so bad, it ended up going viral.

Why did it go viral? Because the results of this mom’s first try at using Domino’s app to order a pizza ended up looking like this…

“My mom used the dominos app for the first time and forgot to get sauce and cheese. Dead,” tweeted @WhosRobertSeed.

Oh mom. Over 12,000 retweets and 36,000 likes later they did finally get their pizza with sauce and cheese. However, it wasn’t from Domino’s.

“Delete the app and DM us,” tweeted DiGiorno Pizza, and then they came through.

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