Let’s Watch A Prank Caller Ask A U.S. Congressman Possibly The Most Vile Question Ever On C-SPAN

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It’s great to see that more and more people are getting involved in the political process with the important 2016 presidential election fastly approaching. People are even watching C-SPAN, that television channel that people who are afraid to get addicted to Ambien use to quickly fall asleep. And the U.S. citizens are rightfully asking their leaders the important questions that face this great nation. Take Glenn from Salt Lake City, Utah for example, he takes a U.S. Congressman to task with two very important queries.

On Thursday, Rep. Dave Brat was on the “Washington Journal,” which airs on C-SPAN. They were discussing the Omnibus Spending Bill and Tax Extenders Package, when Glenn called in with his paramount inquiries.

HOST: “Glenn called in from Salt Lake City, Utah. Glenn, good morning.”

GLENN: “Hi, good morning. My question is, since we’re spending all this money, where are we getting the money from? And my second question is, if I can shit in your mouth.”

Rep. Dave Brat, just sat there with his mouth agape. Stop skirting the issues Congressman, and answer the questions!

Glenn was quickly disconnected and the questions were simply swept under the rug. I thought this was a democracy where the politicians represent the people and work for the people?

The host then said, “I apologize Congressman, we don’t take that kind of language here on the ‘Washington Journal.'” You can talk about increasing taxes, bombing people, and giving yourselves raises 24/7, but one little scat comment and you’re suddenly all highbrow. Don’t act like both of you didn’t watch and were not absolutely fascinated by “2 Girls 1 Cup.”



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