Family Takes In Homeless Man Who Was Sitting In The Same Spot For Years Waiting For His Mother Who Abandoned Him

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My father implicitly taught me that showing emotions is for skinny-armed men who are incapable of bottling up their feelings and releasing them by blowing up for a trivial reason on an idle Tuesday like real men.

Well sorry, dad. This story almost brought me to me knees. I advise you bros to drop the stigma of suppressing vulnerable emotions and give yourself to the tear-jerking tale of Victor Hubbard and Ginger Sprouse.

For three years on her way to work, Ginger Sprouse drove by Victor Hubbard as he sat on the same street corner, pacing, talking to passersby, and occasionally dancing.

Finally last June, Ginger stopped her car to say hello to Hubbard and ask him why he maintained in the same place for much of the day, everyday. Victor, a 32-year-old homeless man who suffers from a mental illness, told Ginger that he didn’t want to leave the street corner because his mother wouldn’t know where to find him if he left. Turns out, his mother dropped him on that corner years earlier to dispose of him, and his fruitless hope that she would return kept him anchored to the same corner for nearly 1,000 days.

“He was so sweet,” Sprouse told NBC News. “He didn’t ask me for anything. He didn’t want anything. He was just excited that I wanted to stop and talk to him.”

Ginger, who owns a business offering cooking classes in Nassau Bay, Texas, began visiting Victor every day on her coffee breaks on a mission to learn more about what led to Victor’s unfortunate circumstances. She learned that Hubbard has been on and off the streets for 10 years in Kemah, Texas, but local social services had been unable to locate his mother in the past three years, according to Today.

Ginger grew attached to the man, who was exceedingly kind and polite, and on one particularly wintery day in Texas, Sprouse and her husband took Hubbard into their home. Since then, he’s been staying there with them on and off ever since.

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