Motorcyclist Films Himself Driving Into Oncoming Cars To Flee Road Rage Driver And It’s Coming Back To Bite His Ass

Watching this video you’re of course on the motorcyclist’s side – what the guy driving the red car does in his best efforts to run him off the road is inexcusable. What does having violent, unhinged road rage do for anyone? And if you actually end up killing the guy on the motorcycle, what’s next? Jail? Prison? Did you even think that far? No, you were too busy trying to be hot shit and dish out whatever comeuppance you think the cyclist deserved.

But then you go and look at the YouTube comments…and while some of them are misdirected, many of them called out things that you and I probably missed since, y’know, we have better things to do than over-analyze a road rage video on YouTube:

A deleted video called “Messing with cars.” Now this guy doesn’t seem like such a hapless victim anymore, huh? Even after this lame explanation:

I’m still not quite buying it. And while I can excuse driving into incoming traffic if he’s trying to fend for his life, not everyone is as generous as I am:

In previous road rage incidents: 

[H/T Daily Mail]