Bro Changes Tinder Profile Pic To Portrait Of Infamous Dictator And His Matches EXPLODE

It’s hard to stand out on Tinder. Unless you’re the most handsome son of a bitch on the planet, or famous, you’re just another swipe to women.

One bro, John, got tired of getting swiped and getting zero dates. Here’s his backstory.

For the last 3 years I have been in an on and off again relationship. It was nice but after the relationship ended definitely I decided to give Tinder a shot.  No better way to get over a girl than by getting under another one.

At first, things really didn’t work out. A friend told me to swipe right on everybody and simply browse through the ones I would match with rather than individually look into each profile and make a decision for each. The logic made sense, however, despite swiping on everyone, I would get very few matches. Those that I did match with, things never lead to meeting up.

After months of going matchless, John realized he needed to stand out from the other guys on Tinder.

I quickly realized that Tinder is a very superficial app where you are rated by your profile photo. I decided to use a photo of myself that I had taken over summer, in which I was posing with a self-portrait where I’m painted to look like Napoleon. I figured it would be different from the topless bathroom selfies men take or photos posing with fish.

My Tinder results changed the moment I switched pics. It was night and day. Rather than getting very few matches, I started getting substantially more. To add to that, women would message me first. Since then I use the same picture and the results keep coming in. I am fairly busy with my studies but I go on an average of one date every week or two, seeing multiple girls at a time. I did not think that dating could be so convenient or that Tinder could ever get this successful.

For those interested, here’s the website where John got the photo done.

Smart move, John. The book and cigar also bring a level of fucking class to his profile but the photo really brings it all together. I’m just curious how the dates went after the women found out he wasn’t actually 1) rich or 2) Napoleon.

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