No, America — A 27-Year-Old Hedge Fund Manager DID NOT Win The Powerball Jackpot

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Dammit, America. When are you going to learn that not everything on your Facebook timeline is real and deserves to be RAGE-SHARED? A little critical thinking would indicate that United Media Publishing’s post — 27-Year-Old Hedge Fund Manager Wins Powerball Jackpot — is fake as fuck. But no — 47,000+ people have liked and shared it, because we’re a nation of greedy, pissed-off arm-chair reactionaries.

First of all, this website looks like WordPress template gonorrhea. Secondly, the copy tries way too hard to make us believe some hedge fund jackass in California won the matching Powerball numbers in Chino Hills:

Price told the lottery that he had no specific plans for the money, which he will chose to receive in installments over the next 30 years. “I just want to be a normal man,” he said.  “Maybe I will buy up the next Wu Tang album, or buy another yacht.  I already have more than anyone would ever need, so this is just icing on the cake,” he continued.

According to the local ABC News affiliate, Price, who according to Forbes is one of the richest “Under 30″ making millions of dollars as the head of Spiegel International, bought 15,000 Powerball tickets for $30,000 before Wednesday’s drawing. “I picked my own numbers for the ticket,” he said. “They were all random. Whatever numbers come into my head I pick.  I never play the lottery, so this is all new to me.”

See: Snopes for more info about how FAKE this b.s. is.

Sweet Martin Shkreli, schtick, trolls.

The funny thing is, the trolls who made this fake news story go viral hit their own lottery with the traffic the thing is getting. All for preying on America’s sensationalist appetite for a grabby headline that pisses us off, like the idea of an already rich 27-year-old somehow getting richer at random. Even at pennies on the dollar, those ad units on United Media Publishing are bringing in $$$.

Wise up, America.


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