Just How Coked Up Are The Men And Women Defending Our Nuclear Arsenal? Apparently Very

Some jobs require an amount of attention and responsibility that it’s downright hard for me, a cavalier internet blogger, to even fathom.

Ones where any tiny mistake you make could lead to the unconscionable deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. You know, something like guarding our supply of nuclear missiles.

Where if you let anyone slip through your watch, it could destroy the world.

Hey, you know what might aid in task like that? Something that might help you keep your focus each and every day?


From The Associated Press:

Fourteen members of an Air Force unit responsible for guarding nuclear missiles in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska are under investigation for possible illegal drug activity, including cases involving cocaine use, defense officials said Friday.

The investigation at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, home of the 90th Missile Wing, near Cheyenne, Wyoming, was announced by Gen. Robin Rand, the four-star commander of Air Force Global Strike Command. The command is responsible for the entire fleet of 450 Minuteman 3 nuclear missiles that stand in underground launch silos, one third of them operated by the 90th Missile Wing. The missile force is on alert 24 hours a day, year-round, requiring strict adherence to performance standards by the men and women who operate, maintain and protect them.

Well, that is reassuring. Ish. Maybe not. The force is 1,300 men strong, so it’s not like everybody was coked up. And most of the cocaine use was during off-duty hours. It also appears that nothing bad came from it. That I know of. I didn’t hear about any accidental launches in the past few years. Did you?

Still, it’s an important task they have.

Security forces at nuclear missile bases are entrusted to patrol the missile fields and respond to any security emergencies. Just last month, Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work visited F.E. Warren and observed a demonstration by security forces of the techniques and equipment they would use to recapture a Minuteman 3 missile silo that had been taken over by intruders.

Now that would be fun to be coked up for. But the servicemen suspected of drug use have already been moved from service.

So they won’t get to do that. Shame, because that would be a RUSH.

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