Obese Woman Who Drank 4 Liters Of Coke Daily Loses Over 100 Lbs. And Gets Breast Implants, Is Now A Smoking Hot MILF

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“I was too scared to go to the gym because people had been really cruel towards me because of how much weight I was carrying” Karlye Thurlow explains in an interview with Daily Mail, “I lost the first 20 kilograms by myself by changing my diet and walking for an hour every day.”

Karlye wasn’t always a weight loss pro, however, as after giving birth to her second child she allowed her weight to balloon up to 260 pounds. A size 22, she drank “four liters” of coke a day and “binged on lollies.” Her turning point, however, came one day when she realized the hypocritical message she was sending her children. “I was cooking food for my son when he was a few months old and it hit me…I just felt hypocritical nurturing my family and teaching them to eat properly without leading by example.”

After losing her first 44 pounds, Karlye got a personal trainer and managed to lose another 88 pounds within six months:

‘It wasn’t until after I started losing weight that I looked back at photos of myself and realised how much extra weight I had been carrying.

‘I never looked at myself in the mirror and thought about it being disgusting.

‘I guess I was reserved to feeling like that was my life and I wouldn’t be strong enough to change it.’

…’I have now learnt to put myself first. I make sure I get my exercise in, I hang around like minded people and I teach my children about healthy food.’(via)

Karlye has since put on another 15 pounds, however the additional weight is now muscle rather than fat. “I do have some extra skin on my arms and my stomach, me in a bikini in clothes is extremely different, but I am proud of what my body has done,” she says, explaining that she chose to get breast implants “because going from being big with massive boobs to having nothing was difficult for me. I just thought at this age it is bothering me so I am going to get them done.”

As for how she’s managed to keep the weight off:

The mother-of-two said while she was losing the weight she cut out all liquids except water and home-made smoothies.

She ate protein and leafy greens at lunch and dinner and if she had a snack it would consist of fruit and cottage cheese.

She walked every day for an hour to lose the first 20kg then went to the gym six days a week to lose the rest.

She would walk the seventh day just to be active, and she made exercise work by insisting on making time for it.(via)

As if you needed any proof, Karlye’s transformation photos are a testament to what hard work and determination can do if you truly set your mind to it:

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[H/T Daily Mail]

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