Old Country Buffet Customer Caught Drinking Own Urine

Which, when you think about it, is probably one of the least gross things that happens in an Old Country Buffet on a daily basis.

You’ve got those vats of bacteria-riddled mac and cheese that employees probably stir with their ungloved hands. There’s the chocolate pudding festering with fecal matter. Fried chicken which has been sitting under a heating lamp for months.

So I’m not too upset with Ryan A. Bravo, who went into a Kennewick, Washington Old Country Buffet this weekend. Once there, he stood up, peed in a cup and drank it in front of appalled customers.

Who really shouldn’t have been appalled. What do you expect? When you at OCB, Bros gon pee.

Yea. I just came up with that.

Bravo was arrested as he left the eatery.

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