Old Lady Assaults a Man After She Gets Caught Stealing HIS Stuff

I’m not sure if this was a simple case of two older gals having Alzheimer’s or mistakenly thinking that this beach tent was theirs or they flat out thought they were going to pack up an entire canopy and steal it. Whatever the intentions, these women start packing up a tent that is not theirs and they get busted in the act by the actual owner on New Smyrna Beach in Florida. The owner plays it quite cool by asking, “Do you need some help?” However when he tells them to “Step away from my shit,” one lady becomes quite aggravated and confronts the man whom only a minute ago was stealing his property. She first tells the cameraman that she is going to throw his camera in the grass and then promptly begins to smack him. There are no better creatures in the entire universe at flipping a situation than a woman.