Oregon Man On Horseback Lassoed A Bike Thief Because Street Justice Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

Bike thief

I’m a suburban white kid who went to private school his entire life, so my knowledge of ‘street justice’ pretty much begins and ends at my understanding that it exists. Instead of dick measuring competitions, we’d have ‘Whose dad has the blackest Amex’ competitions. Well, not all of us. Just most of us. However, since I’m from suburban America, my parents had HBO, so I obviously watched The Wire. And, as such, I know that sometimes people have to take the law into their own hands. You can’t trust the fuzz to show up and bail your ass out of trouble every time something goes down in those mean streets. You have to be ready to bloody up your own knuckles and protect yourself, badge or no badge. Which is exactly what a cowboy in Oregon did after he saw a guy steal a woman’s bike.

Via NBC 52:

“Most days Robert Borba is roping cattle and kids, not criminals, but his usual routine took an unlikely turn when he went to pick up some dog food at the local Wal-Mart.

“I hear a lady yelling, ‘Stop him he stole my bike!’” Robert Borba tells NBC5 News. The champion bull rider could tell the man was getting away, so he got backup.

“Grabbed Old Grey from the trailer and went for him.”

Rob Roque was landscaping at the big box store when it happened, snapping the pictures of the cowboy hero in action.

“He did it so well, I thought man he must be in a rodeo or something, it was perfect,” Roque says.

“I just roped him and the rope went down around his feet and I just rode off like I would if I’d roped a cow or something by myself,” Borba explains. Borba held the man until Eagle Point police arrived, and then headed back to the farm to tend to his horses. And while his kids are proud to call him papa, he says he was just doing the right thing.

“Poor gals bike that could have been her only transportation,” Borba says, “stealing ain’t right so I figured get him stopped you know?”

Officers arrested the suspect, Victorino Sanchez, on a theft charge. He’s being held at the Jackson County Jail.”

That’s how you hog-tie a scumbag!! I’m assuming. I’ve never seen a person hog-tie anything, but that looks close enough. Regardless, that’s one less bike thief on the streets of Oregon. Which is definitely a big W for Oregon.