The Original Old Spice Man Is Back And He’s Fighting Terry Crews…In Unrelated News I Want To Buy Some Old Spice


Old Spice

Everyone remembers the original ‘Old Spice Guy’ as the one who reeaaaalllllyyyyyy put the brand on the map, and then Terry Crews swooped in and Old Spice hit the next stratosphere. I can’t say for certain how many years it’s been since I last saw a new commercial with the O.G. Old Spice Guy, but I have to say that I’m damn pleased to see him back on my screen and side-by-side with Terry Crews. For a minute there I considered not blogging this commercial and sharing it with you bros, because in essence it is just a commercial trying to peddle a product.

But as we all know these Old Spice commercials transcend traditional advertising, they’re almost equal parts cinematic and advertising. No joke, I thought I was tripping balls for a second there when Terry Crews hit the scene. Before we get to the full clip, here are some of my favorite moments in GIF:

REAL TALK: I don’t even know what in the hell these guys were trying to sell me. I get that they’re some sort of conflicting Old Spice products, but I don’t have a damn clue as to what they are. Within moments of watching this commercial I found myself searching ALL OLD SPICE PRODUCTS on Amazon. Upon digging deeper I discovered Terry is peddling ‘Bearglove‘ and the original Old Spice Guy is hawking ‘Timber‘.

But now that I’ve figured that out I’m no closer to knowing my ass from my elbow when it comes to what in the heck I just watched….Why isn’t all advertising that glorious? Seriously, if all commercials were this awesome I’d probably buy a hell of a lot more. It’s almost an homage to the NERF, Gak, and Super Soaker commercials of our childhood. And without further ado, here’s the full clip of Terry Crews vs. the Original Old Spice Guy: