This Is Why You Should NEVER Count On An Owl To Deliver Your Wedding Rings To The Altar

by 3 years ago

Well, fuck.

That went about as wrong as it possibly could’ve, huh? I feel completely terrible for that owl and really hope it didn’t die at this insane person’s wedding (who the fuck resorts to an owl to fly wedding bands up to the altar!?), but that still didn’t stop me from watching the like 50 times in complete and utter disbelief.

Did you hear the sound of that impact!? Dude wanted out, and he wanted out now. He’s no ring bearing, wedding owl! He’s a wild motherfucking owl that needs to be soaring through open blue skies and poaching on little rodents and shit!

Blows my mind that people think using an animal for this kind of thing is alright. Like, what, you don’t have a bratty little nephew or niece to fill the role?

Well look who’s laughing now, because your wedding will forever be remembered as the one where an owl died while clutching to your wedding rings. And if that’s not an ominous sign for the future, I don’t know what is…

[H/T Smitty]

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