Billowy Sky Penis Spotted Flying Over Australia—Because Some Clouds Actually DO Look Like Dongs

It’s a well established phenomenon that the human brain wants to see clouds as penises, but that parents try and squash that part of imagination out of their children to prevent a lifetime of seeing dongs in the sky.

“Dad, I think that’s a dong cloud!”
Dammit son, no, it’s a giraffe!
“Are you certain, because that cloud looks exactly like a dong?!”
Conversation OVER. It’s a giraffe! Get your head out of the gutter!

But parents be damned, a billow sky dong was spotted floating over Australia’s Northern Territory this weekend:

This is quite possibly the best cloud penis that’s been photographed since this infamous cloud penis last year:

As I mentioned before, there are people in this world who are attempting to shield us all from the dicks in the sky. Those censors don’t want us to make the connection of ‘cloud = sky schlong’, because it’s too taboo for them. There are, however, people out there fighting for your imagination. People who are fighting for your right to recognize that pillow cylinder in the sky for what it truly is: a sky penis. Those people I’m talking about are of course the blogger(s) behind the ‘penis shaped clouds‘ tumblr.

This floating penis in the sky comes off the heels of a few other strange cloud shapes spotted across the world.

You’ve got your hitchhiker’s thumb:



As well as the middle finger:



The clouds are so gravely misunderstood. It’s not Mickey Mouse you’re seeing up there: it’s a dong. It’s not a fire truck in the sky: it’s a middle finger.