People Are Trolling The Westboro Baptist Church Using ‘Pokemon GO’ In The Best Way Possible

As I’m sure many of you know at this point (and if you don’t know, well, you’re about to know), public places in the real world serve as locations for places like Pokemon gyms and PokeStops in Pokemon GO whether they want to or not – take The Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., for example. And while catching a Koffing in a place dedicated to the hundreds of thousands who died in gas chambers is beyond tacky, the people who’ve figured out that the Westboro Baptist Church is marked as a Pokemon gym have started trolling the infamous doomsayers nonstop:

The new augmented reality game, which connects to a user’s phone GPS, sent fans wandering to their local parks, historical landmarks and churches — including the Westboro Baptist Church. As people across the country devoted their weekends to catching Pokemon, one user noticed that the church, known for its opposition to the LGBT movement, was listed as a gym on Pokemon Go.

So that user claimed it, using a Pokemon named Clefairy. Its nickname is “LoveIsLove.”(via)

Instead of taking this slight lying down, WBC is fighting back with their own Pokemon of choice: Jigglypuff.

First of all, Jigglypuff and Clefairy are both normal-type Pokemon, so pitting them against each other is the equivalent of punching yourself in the face and then determining that you won the “fight”: it’s stupid and will suck up way more time than it’s worth. Second, Jigglypuff can be male OR female, which makes their choice even more confusing since you’d think the WBC wouldn’t battle with a Pokemon who could be considered a cross dresser, or metrosexual at the very least. THIRD, Jigglypuff fucking sucks and so does Clefairy, however Clefairy edges Jiggs out in terms of its stats, so I’m going to go with the trolls as being the real winners in this “battle.”

Also, who the fuck runs a gym with a CP120 Clefairy? All the gyms around me are crushing with evolved Pokemon CP500+. The WBC must either be in the worst part of town, or the area is populated with a bunch of goddamn n00bz.

USA Today notes that it is “unclear” whether or not the WBC have actually fought Jigglypuff, but it’s not like it matters – there’s no way any of those lunatics will care enough about the game to go out and train shit to win.

[Via USA Today]