This Mind-Boggling Photo Of This Girl’s Tangled Legs On The NYC Subway Is Going Viral Because It’s Humanly Impossible


Try to do this. I’ve tried but it’s a bit tough for me considering I have 8-10 pounds of man meat in the way AMIRITE?! No, I’m not. It barely peeks out from my bed of unkept pubic hair, which is less tangled than this chick’s legs. I honestly haven’t seen legs so mangled since I crossed up some chumps at the courts this weekend AMIRITE?! No, I’m not. I dribbled off my foot and can no longer grab net. But for real, I haven’t seen something so jumbled since the soft pretzel I bought at the mall last week while I was doing laps in my high school letterman jacket AMIRITE?! Yes, I am. I’m a loser. A modern day Uncle Rico.

There are only a few scenarios that can help explain why the fuck a human being would sit like this. Here are my best guesses.

leg lady

leg lady 2

leg lady 3

But, if you’ve ever rode a New York City subway, this shit is just another day in CrazyTown USA.

Image (77) must-see-imagery-subway-tomato-train.jpg for post 20234293



Image (22) wtf-cosplay-on-nyc-subway-640x839.jpg for post 369735subway

[h/t SickOfFeelingNumb, IMGUR]

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