Photos Of The Most Creative Ways Drug Smugglers Have Hidden Cocaine Would Make Einstein Blush

by 3 years ago

If Albert Einstein were alive today I’m convinced he’d be working in the drug smuggling industry. Furthermore, if The MythBusters had never gotten themselves a TV show they’d eventually have found themselves working in Southern California devising ingenious devices to transport the stickiest of the icky (and cocaine) across the Mexican border and into the United States.

Why do I think this implausible thoughts? Well, yesterday Imgur user DeltaNovum shared a gallery of the most outrageous ways drug smugglers had ever been caught, from hidden inside of screws to submarines to goldfish to breast implants. Get ready to have your mind hole blown apart and suddenly realize that drug smugglers are smarter than most of the engineers studying at MIT and Harvey Mudd:

These are legitimately next level. I can’t help but think this is what happens when a person has an Ivy League level of intelligence but doesn’t have access to proper schooling. The ability for complex thought and thinking outside of the box is obviously there, but the direction these people are pointed in is the field of drug smuggling instead of robotics or systems engineering. And frankly I’m just impressed, because I can’t help and think if these are the items that were picked up by U.S. Customs then what the hell did they manage to sneak through?

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