Pick-up Truck Tries To Mow Down A ‘Friendly’ Mob Of Bikers On Church Grounds In ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Scenario

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A big, silver pick-up truck was either really aggro or really scared when confronted by a sea of motorcyclists at a major intersection in the Aurora, Illinois area. Here’s the video from the Chicago Tribune‘s YouTube channel…

The Chicago United Riders group provided the video to the Tribune. That truck was like a caged animal. A big, dumb animal scared by “a pack of wolves” as one commenter put it. The truck driver’s reaction was either panic or contempt or a mixture of all the worst road rage feelings balled into one.

According to Chicago United Riders’ official website, they’re…

“an all inclusive ride group open to any and all motorcycle riders in and around the Chicago area. Emphasizing on an open and friendly approach to group riding, we don’t just host rides. We act as an entire social network for riders to meet new people and make new friends! New comers and new riders are always welcome as long as you are a proficient rider and willing to abide by the rules of our formation.”

So, while the group professes a friendly disposition, their actions appeared a little intimidating to the truck’s driver. Still, going all Grand Theft Auto on everyone was probably not top 5 best decisions to make. I mean, this truck hit a biker, peeled out over the lawn of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and then looped back for more bodies on holy grounds. Hard to resist throwing on the white wig and pounding the gavel, but not looking good for the pick-up truck driver. He picked a bad area – CHURCH ROW – to pull some devilish stunts.

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