Please Read My Scathing Yelp Review Of A Dallas Restaurant That Chained Me To The Toilet For Two Days

by 1 year ago


Now I know that this post will only apply to those of you find yourselves in the Dallas area, but if I can help just one bro from getting violent, unrelenting diarrhea, it will make it all worth it.

Short backstory: My lady and I were in Dallas, Texas on Monday night for an overnight layover from Costa Rica. We hadn’t eaten since the morning and we were starving. Our hotel had a bunch of restaurant brochures at the front desk, so I blindly picked one: ‘Michael’s Grill.’ It turned out to be one of my worst decisions in a life peppered with poor decisions.

I’m not a big online reviewer guy because I have friends. This was my first. For those Dallas bros reading this, you either already know or you’ve been warned. For those who this doesn’t apply to, just enjoy taking pleasure in another man’s misery.

1.5 stars. Try harder.


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